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Alcoholics Anonymous History
Real Twelve Step Fellowship History
The Old School A.A. You May Not Know

By Dick B.

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Real Twelve Step Fellowship History
The Old School A.A. You May Not Know
Put Your 12-Step Speakers, Sponsors, and Counselors to Work!

You may regularly listen to excellent speakers, sponsors, and counselors in 12-Step programs. Chances are, however, that they probably rarely, if ever, talk to you about the origins, history, and practices of early pioneer recovery programs. Why? Because there are few histories to inform them; few teachers to instruct them; and too few people who really want to change. Speakers can get lots of applause if they stick to their drunkalogs, and make you laugh, cry, and maybe identify. Sponsors have few resources that connect the dots. Counselors feel safer telling you about your disease and taking the safe path--handing out a Big Book, a Twelve x Twelve, and a devotional and sending you to outside groups and meetings. What does this book say? It says that it is high time to take these talented and admired people to the schoolroom. Three decades ago, there was no place to look. And if one of these people talked about history, he or she usually talked about the party-line that left out God, left out the Bible, left out the sources of the Twelve Steps, and pointed to a program that simply said you didn’t really have to believe anything at all – just choose your own “higher power” and go to meetings. We believe the many fine speakers, sponsors, and facilitators can and should get cracking. They should pick up the accurate history books now available, learn them, and talk about them. Why? Because they can then tell the afflicted exactly how and why the early pioneers were cured and had a 75% to 93% success rate. And those who teach you can also train you – to look for yourself, think for yourself, and place your reliance on the Creator rather than teachers. This new book tells you our history, how to approach it, how to teach it, and how to use it.

Contents of Real Twelve Step Fellowship History: The Old-School A.A. You May Not Know


Part 1:  The Original A.A. Program of Recovery

Part 2:  The “Absolute Essentials” of the Good Book Program in Akron

Part 3:  The Substantial Changes in A.A. from 1939 to 1955

Part 4:  How Adding a History Element to Recovery Can Help the Newcomer Today

Appendix:       New Testament Healing Records Categorized

                                    Dead or Nearly Dead People Made Alive or Healed
                                    Lepers Cleansed
                                    Paralyzed People Healed
                                    People with Fevers Healed
                                    Woman with the Hemorrhage (or “Flow of Blood”) Healed
                                    Blind People Healed
                                    A Man with a Withered Hand Healed
                                    A Man with Dropsy (or Edema) Healed
                                    A Man with an Infirmity 38 Years Healed
                                    Lame People Healed
                                    People Who Were Lunatick Were Healed
                                    Several Types of Sickness and Disease Healed in the Same Setting
                                    Evil Spirits Were Cast Out

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