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Over the years, Dick has been interviewed on many radio shows, both Christian and secular—always on the subject of early A.A. history and successes and its Biblical roots. He’s appeared on community television. Many of his talks at conferences and seminars have been taped and are available from such sources as Smile God Loves You and Glenn K. Audio Tapes. For the last year, Dick has been presenting audio talks on his blog site (
http://www.dickb-blog.com), and these have been widely heard. On this radio page, however, you will hear Dick live on the shows that are listed and particularly on his two shows—Recovery Broadcasting and Take 12. These are ongoing. Recovery Broadcasting presents a weekly talk by Dick on items he has already had recorded. Take 12 presents ongoing weekly interviews of Dick by Monty. What are the subjects? If it has to do with A.A. history, you’ll find it: Dick has been acclaimed as the leading A.A. history scholar and historian today. He continues his research and writing, has published 27 titles, 130 articles, and the audio materials. They cover A.A. and the Creator; the Bible roots; The James Club and the Original Program’s Absolute Essentials;  Quiet Time and meditation; prayer; Bible study; healing; Jesus Christ; Yahweh our God; Anne Ripley Smith and her Journal; the Oxford Group life-changing program; the teachings and role of Rev. Sam Shoemaker; the Four Absolutes; United Christian Endeavor Society—the major Akron root; Big Book origins, 12 Step origins, and Akron origins; the cure of alcoholism; God and alcoholism; the nonsense gods—higher power, radiators, rocks, and door knobs; the phoney “spirituality” detour; Dr. William D. Silkworth, Bill Wilson, and “The Great Physician;” Dr. Carl Gustav Jung; Professor William James; “The Common Sense of Drinking” by Peabody; the New Thought writers and writings of Trine, Fox, James, and others; Henrietta Seiberling; the early devotionals such as the Upper Room, The Runner’s Bible, and My Utmost for His Highest; the host of books Dr. Bob read and circulated on healing, prayer, Bible study, love, the Sermon on the Mount, 1 Corinthians 13; the major A.A. history collections at the Griffith  Library in East Dorset, Vermont, the Shoemaker Collection at Calvary Episcopal Church in Pittsburgh, St. Paul’s Church in Akron, Ray G.’s traveling archives; the largest bibliography of A.A. sourcebooks in existence outside the Library of Congress; and many many more. There is no body of work on A.A. like this anywhere else. And now you can hear it from Dick’s own talks—the kind he has given at The Wilson House for a decade, at Archives International, at the first two nationwide A.A. history conferences, on the new A.A. history cruises, in Akron and Pittsburgh, California, and Hawaii, and at numerous retreats—Protestant and Roman Catholic—for AAs and their families including the Clarence Snyder retreats in Wisconsin, Florida, and California. It’s all free. It is all encompassing. And it’s new—the product of 16 years of research, travel, and writing. 

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