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Alcoholics Anonymous History
Dick B.'s Audio Talks Groups 1 - 6

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A.A. History Details Online

This is a listing of a truly remarkable series of recorded talks by Dick B. on the many subjects of his twenty years of research, 40 published titles, and almost 500 articles on the history of Alcoholics Anonymous and on the role played in the Christian Recovery Movement, including A.A., by God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Bible; and the role that they can play today.

All these talks can be heard by clicking in to the Dick B. audio talk listing on the navigation bar of Dick's main website

This is a synopsis of the huge and varied number of talks on A.A. and its Christian origins that you can now hear from the voice of the recovered AA who researched and published on each of the following topics:

Group One
The Dick B. Story
The Heart of A.A.

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Group Two
“The Conversion of Bill W.”

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Group Three
“How Bill W.’s Story Really Begins”
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Group Four
“Dr. Bob of Alcoholics Anonymous”
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Group Five
The A.A. History Online Audio Talks by Dick B.
Parts 1-5

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Group Six
The A.A. HistoryOnline Audio Talks by Dick B.
Parts 6-10

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